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How long to clean a site?

On average, we are able to clean a site the same working day it is submitted, but this is not guaranteed and is treated case by case. Although we work 24 hours Mon-Fri and 8 hours a day on weekends, our formal WebSecure support hours are 9AM-5PM BST - Mon-Fri. 


Why does my site still look infected when I visit it?

Sometimes your site may retain old info until you clear the cache. Try clearing your cache, or use another browser to see if the changes reflect. 

You submitted my site to Google, why am I still blacklisted?

Google varies in their review time. On average, Google takes around 10 hours to delist a blacklisted site. See the related FAQ for more. 

I am seeing many files called sucuri_backup, what is this?

We backup any of the files we touch.

Every time we modify a file in your server, we will do a backup of it. We do that for security reasons in case we clean something by mistake and you want us to revert the changes. For example, if we fixed the file file.php, you would see now two files instead: 


And, in addition to that, we set our backup file without any permission (000), meaning nobody can read,write or execute it. We do it for security reasons as well, because many times they have malware on it. 

Removing Backup files

If your site is loading properly, you can remove those backup files. Some Backup tools will cause errors by not being able to download them (because of the permissions we set), but you can safely ignore those errors. In any event, if you are having issues removing them, just open a ticket on our support page and we will remove all of them for you.

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