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When you suspect there is something causing your broadband to be slower than you're expecting, and you raise a ticket with TGIS, we will ask that you use the BT Speed Test utility. The reason you need to use this specific test is that BT will not accept speed test results from any other source.

To use the tester when requested to do so, follow these simple steps:

- Bring up a web browser and go to:
- Please follow the instructions on the page - this is a critical part of the test.
- When you see the up and download speed result, please copy and paste into an Email to us at
- Click on the "Further Diagnostics" link to continue the test.
- On the next page, please enter your broadband phone number into the box for: "Telephone Number of the broadband circuit:" - the number is 01189406038
- The BT system will then run more tests. When completed please send us the results.

We will then send the results to BT and let you know what happens as we receive updates from them.

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